Your Council

Who is on the Parish Council?

The Council currently consists of eight councillors, who have volunteered from the local community.  Anyone who is registered to vote within the Aldingham electoral district may volunteer as a Parish Councillor.  The council also employs a Parish Steward and a Clerk, who carries out the day-to-day running of the Council and ensures it acts legally in all its proceedings.  To contact any member of the council or the clerk, visit our Contact Us page.

To find out about becoming a Councillor, click here.

What Does the Council Do?

The Parish Council has only limited powers and acts mainly as an intermediary between the residents of the Parish and various regional and national bodies, including Westmorland and Furness Council,  English Nature and the Morecambe Bay Partnership.

The main bulk of the council’s work takes place at the public meetings, which are held each month (except August and December) and are publicised on the website & noticeboards around the parish.  Any member of the public is welcome to attend to take part or just listen and there is always time on the agenda given over to allow members of the public to speak on issues concerning them.

Who Funds the Council?

The Parish Council receives funding from a number of sources.  Each year a substantial proportion of their expenditure is covered by the precept – an agreed grant of money from Westmorland and Furness Council taken from local taxes and based on the Council’s projected budget.  Additional funding is available to the Council for specific projects in the form of grants from various governmental bodies and trusts.  The Council also receives income from rents for several properties in the Parish and through investment.


Whilst members of the Council are entitled to expenses relating to work outside the Parish, we do not claim any reimbursement from the Council.