Planning and the Parish Council

The local planning authority for this area is  (WAF) They decide what the planning policy for the district is in consultation with other bodies and make decisions on individual planning applications.

All planning applications received by WAf for the South Lakeland Area for Aldingham Parish are passed on to the parish council for consultation.  As a parish council we have no powers to refuse or permit applications, we can only comment based on certain criteria outlined in WAF’s policies.  Any comments made by the council are taken into account by the Planning Committee at WAF and are balanced against the views of other individuals or bodies.

There are strict guidelines set out by WAF regarding reasonable grounds for objecting to an application called material planning considerations.  In general, these guidelines are concerned only with material land use and environmental issues.  There are no grounds for objecting to an application based on private interests (eg. loss of a view, loss of value to a property or business, ownership disputes etc) and the parish council will not discuss such issues in consideration of applications.

Comments from the Public

The public are welcome to comment on applications, either by attending a Parish Council meeting or by contacting WAF. There is more information on how to comment here.

Only comments based on material planning considerations will be taken into account by WAF. There is guidance on the most effective way to make your comments count.


The Parish Council is a consultee on planning applications within the Parish. A proforma checklist is used to consider applications.

To view the Parish Council Planning Checklist click here