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If you have any issues which you feel should be brought to the Council’s attention or if you have any questions, you can contact us via the clerk or through your local councillor.  If you would like to contact your councillor by email, please send your email to and the Clerk will forward your message.

Your Councillors

Peter Martin (Chairman)
Brackenhill, Newbiggin
(01229) 869327

Alan Cook (Vice-Chairman)
Ashgate, Baycliff
(01229) 869585

Alison Baumber
Hollowstones, Scales
(01229) 869539

Janet Butler
Sŵn-y-Môr, Newbiggin
(01229) 869256

Carol Park
Glenmore, Baycliff
(01229) 869221

Vicky Brereton 
Gleaston Water Mill
(01229) 869244

Susan Hammond
(01229) 869946

Tracey York Andrews                                                                                           Aldingham                                                                                                                                  07886 214863

The Clerk

(01229) 861646

District and County Councillors (Low Furness Ward)

District Councillors (SLDC)

Caroline Airey

Tel: 01229 868088


Ben Cooper

Tel: 07437345343


County Councillor (CCC)

Janet Willis

Tel: 07976 763067