Welcome to Aldingham Parish Council

Aldingham Civil Parish is a rural parish of just over 1,000 residents situated on the western shores of Morecambe Bay in south Cumbria.  It includes the villages of Aldingham, Baycliff, Dendron, Gleaston, Leece, Newbiggin, Roosebeck and Scales as well as a number of smaller hamlets.

The Parish Council is the lowest tier of local government in the area, is non political and is made up of volunteers from the local community.  We work in association with South Lakeland District (SLDC) and Cumbria County (CCC) Councils, as well as local residents, to help maintain services in the area.



All residents of the Parish and members of the Public are welcome to attend. The Parish Council are there to represent the Parish and appreciate all contributions.


COUNCILLOR VACANCY IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BECOME MORE INVOLVED IN YOUR AREA AND COMMUNITY, CONSIDER BECOMING A PARISH COUNCILLOR. This is an interesting and rewarding role where you can make a positive difference. This Is non political and open to anyone over 18 who lives in the Parish and is registered to vote). The Parish covers the Villages of Gleaston, Leece, Dendron, Roosebeck, Newbiggin, Aldingham, Scales & Baycliff.

If you are interested, please contact the Clerk on 01229 861646 or email: aldinghampc@gmail.com or come to a meeting.