Welcome to Aldingham Parish Council

Aldingham Civil Parish is a rural parish of just over 1,000 residents situated on the western shores of Morecambe Bay in south Cumbria.  It includes the villages of Aldingham, Baycliff, Dendron, Gleaston, Leece, Newbiggin, Roosebeck and Scales as well as a number of smaller hamlets.

The Parish Council is the lowest tier of local government in the area and is made up of volunteers from the local community.  We work in association with South Lakeland District (SLDC) and Cumbria County (CCC) Councils, as well as local residents, to help maintain services in the area.


  • NATIONAL GRID CONSULTATION                                                                   The Parish Council wishes to share with the residents of the Parish their response and concerns about National Grids plans & proposed pylon route.
    By clicking on the link, you can read Aldingham Parish Councils’ response to the National Grid Consultation. 
    If you wish to add voice to this, your own personal response must be submitted by January 6th to:
    Email: nationalgrid@northwestcoastconnections.com
    Or by registering online at www.northwestcoastconnections.com and completing the online questionnaire response                                                                               LINK TO PARISH COUNCIL RESPONSE 

Our next meeting will take place on Thursday 9th March at 1.00 p.m. @ Gleaston Village Hall.  Members of the public are invited to attend.